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Old soul, young at heart, with a passion for art in all forms. Mixed in with some love, laughter, and a truck load of crazy. I'm a licensed Cosmetologist. I also dabble in writing and dream of acting one day. I'm a avid reader and enjoy all types of film, and music. Obsessed or Dedicated ... you choose to Castle and Doctor Who. Television, Musicals, Books, Movies, Quotes, and Whatever my little heart desires to blog you will find here. If you need someone to talk to, don't be afraid. I am here to listen to all my followers, no judgment.

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"Don’t you ever ever again try to tell me that you don’t love me."

— Diane Chambers, Cheers, Everyone Imitates Art


i know this appears to be eric cartman, but it is actually real life footage of me watching cheers


From “Showdown”, season 1 episode 22

soooo why has this never been gifed before?!!!

first + last scenes per season - bree van de kamp

Bree’s Intervention


bree i understand and i forgive you….


Cancer - Not believing in herself


Cancer - Not believing in herself




yeah it does cause i’ll be screaming it later.

I just choked on my water ^

dammit i just spat my drink at my laptop

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My snapchats get weirder and weirder….

My snapchats get weirder and weirder….

Richard Castle’s Wild Storm Dedication

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Iron Man Trilogy + The Avengers : Iron Man 3Tony’s smile

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